You have decided to be married in Port Lambton United Church, thus indicating your desire to have the blessing of God upon your marriage, and to proclaim, in a sacred and Christian setting, the new relationship of love between the two of you and the founding of your family unit.

Be assured that we are desirous of making your wedding a memorable occasion, and will do all we can to assist you in the plans for this service.

Whether there are ten guests or two hundred guests, we want to emphasize the uniqueness of your wedding, distinct from all others. You are two persons, each different from any others, whose coming together represents an entirely new event. Your wedding service will never be duplicated because of the persons involved, so we want to make it a cherished experience, upon which you can begin your marriage with high hopes for many years of happiness.

On the following pages we have listed the essentials in planning for your wedding. We commend this booklet to your study so that in your counselling sessions with the Minister, you will be better informed as to the requirements for a wedding in the Church.


Before making any arrangements, a couple planning to be married in Port Lambton United Church is to consult with the Minister, concerning the date and time. All weddings held in the Church must be approved by the Church Session and the minister will present your application to the Session.

Arrangements to book the Church for your specific date and time must be made only with Bev Bradley. Contact with the Minister and with Bev should be done as much in advance as possible. Doing this with help ensure your desired date and time and will also enable the Minister to make arrangements for pre-marriage counselling. The Minister will meet with you before the wedding date, to help you make wise decisions regarding your married life, and to lead you into an awareness of the spiritual character of this event.


The person authorized to officiate at your wedding service is one of the Ministers of Port Lambton United Church. However, if for personal reasons, you wish to have another Minister/Priest assist in the service, the invitation to the latter will be issued after consultation with our minister and by our minister.

If you wish the Minister to attend your reception, please advise him/her well in advance (several weeks would be appreciated).


Port Lambton United Church seats 160 in the pews with accommodation available for several more on chairs at the back and in the Upper Room. Fire regulations do not permit chairs in the aisles.


Such a sanction is normally obtained by the purchase of a Marriage License. This license can be obtained at the Wallaceburg Service Centre, 786 Dufferin Avenue, Wallaceburg, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Application forms may be picked up at any time, must be signed by both applicants, and returned, along with Birth Certificates and photo identification, to the Service Centre so that the license can be issued. If either applicant is 16 or 17 years of age, both parents, or in the case of divorce, the custodial parent of that person must also sign. If either applicant is divorced, the original or a certified true copy of the Decree Absolute or a Certificate of Divorce is required. The license is valid anywhere in Ontario, can be obtained from most municipal offices in Ontario (fees vary by municipality), is valid for three months, and the current cost (in Wallaceburg) is $125.00 payable by cash, debit card, or certified cheque. The license is to be given to the Minister several days (at least 7) before the wedding.

An alternative to a marriage license is the Reading of the Banns. This privilege is reserved for two persons who are regular-attending and active members of a congregation of the Christian Church. They may be of different denominations, and the Banns will be read in each Church, according to the policy of each Church. When Banns are to be read, no license is required, and no fee is charged for the Banns. The officiating Minister will have the necessary forms in his/her possession.


Music for weddings should be worthy of the marriage service. Every effort should be made to establish and maintain a prayerful and dignified atmosphere. The choice of music used before, during, and immediately after the service, the manner in which it is played and sung -- all these add or detract from the spiritual meaning. The music should serve to reflect and intensify the mood and meaning of your marriage vows. The music you choose must be approved by the Minister of Port Lambton United Church.

An organ and a baby grand piano are available. The pianist is Tammy Sealey.


There is an audio-video system which can be used for playing music and/or showing pictures of the bridal couple. Only our trained operators may use this equipment so early contact is needed. For further information, contact Bev Bradley.


These bulletins outline the Marriage Service, list the members of the wedding party, the parents of the bridal couple, the minister, soloist, organist, etc., and any other pertinent information and announcements. They are available in any quantity and there is a choice of covers. To see samples of such bulletins, please contact Ward Armitage. If you would like to have these bulletins for your wedding, please notify the Minister or Ward at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding. The fee is $.20 per bulletin and this fee is to be paid at the time of completion and is to be given to Ward.


The Minister and the Organist/Pianist will assist with the rehearsal. All parties who have responsibility in the service and parents of the bridal couple are requested to attend the rehearsal. It is at this time that small details can be worked out by enacting the service rather than by merely verbally explaining the service.


The bridal couple may engage a professional photographer to take pictures of the wedding. If the photographer is not familiar with the Church's layout or policy, he/she is to contact the Minister. No pictures may be taken during the service; however, pictures may be taken in the Sanctuary after the Blessing.

The use of stationary video cameras is permitted. Please consult the Minister prior to set-up so that an appropriate location can be found.


We have an elevator and a wheelchair-accessible washroom.


No confetti is to be thrown on Port Lambton United Church property.


The following fees will apply:

$ 200.00 minimum

Use of Church:
$ 150.00

$ 100.00

If accompanying soloist:
$ 50.00 additional

Audio/Video Equipment:
$ 50.00 audio only
$ 75.00 audio & video

$ .20 each


The Minister and Use of Church fees are to be given to Bev Bradley at the time of booking. A non-refundable fee of $50.00 and a post-dated cheque for the balance (minister’s fee + $100.00 for church) dated no later than 3 weeks before the wedding are required. The fee for the audio/video equipment operator is also to be given to Bev at least 3 weeks before the wedding. For couples wishing to book the church as back-up for outdoor weddings, the fees will be as above. A non-refundable fee of $50.00 and two post-dated cheques, in the amounts of $100.00 (use of church) and minimum $200.00 (minister’s fee) are required. If the church is not used, the $100.00 cheque will not be cashed. Make all cheques payable to Port Lambton United Church. The Church is considered “booked” when all fees have been paid.



Tammy Sealey
Phone: 519-627-8287
1563 Tulloch Line
Wallaceburg, N8A 4L2

Booking the Church:

Bev Bradley
Phone: 519-677-4445
4344 St. Clair Parkway
Port Lambton, N0P 2B0


Ward Armitage
Phone: 519-864-1853

Payment for Use of Church, Minister, Audio/Video Equipment Operator:

Bev Bradley
Phone: 519-677-4445

This booklet is offered to couples, with the hope that the arrangements for their weddings may be carried out smoothly, knowledgeably, and without confusion. We are interested in your wedding and in your marriage, and we offer our support in the Name of Jesus Christ, the King and only Head of the Church. May the Lord bless you in your wedding plans and in your marriage experiences.

- revised February, 2009